PRP Treatments


Also known as PRP, involves taking a sample of your own blood, extracting the plasma (the liquid part of your blood), and then injecting it back into your skin. PRP is rich in platelets, growth factors, and other nutrients that stimulate the growth of collagen and healthy skin cells. At Renovera, we offer several PRP treatments including the PRP Facial, PRP tear trough (under eye) treatment, PRP facelift, PRP hair restoration, and PRP sexual health procedures.

PRP Tear Trough (Under Eye)

PRP tear trough treatment includes injections under the eyes to help refresh the eyes and minimize dark circles to give a more youthful and rested appearance. There is minimal downtime for this procedure and takes about one hour including blood draw and PRP preparation. (This procedure only includes PRP and does not include dermal filler in this area.)

We recommend one treatment every 4 weeks for a total of 3 treatments. Results can last up to 2 years.

60 minutes


PRP Facial

PRP Facial (also known as a Platelet-Rich Plasma facial) is a specialized facial with micro-needling using your own PRP. This procedure helps increase collagen and elastin production, smooths out fine lines and wrinkles, reduces pigmentation, sun damage, and breaks up scar tissue. The downtime for a PRP facial varies from person to person but typically lasts between 24-48 hours. Full healing occurs after one week and results are present in 3-4 weeks.

We recommend one treatment every 4 weeks for a total of 3 treatments. Results can last up to 2 years.


PRP Hair Restoration

PRP Hair Restoration is a non surgical alternative for male and female pattern hair loss. PRP for hair regrowth increases blood supply to the hair follicles, increases hair shaft size, triggers and maintains the hair growth phase and controls the hair growth cycle to help produce longer, thicker and healthier hair fibers from existing hair follicles.

PRP Hair Restoration therapy involves simple injections of your own platelets into the vascular part of your scalp where hair loss is located. A local anesthetic is used to make the treatment more comfortable and to help minimize discomfort. Total treatment time is one hour.*

60 minutes


*We recommend at least 3 treatments spaced one month apart along with our recommended hair restoration supplement to be taken at home daily for optimal results. There is little to no downtime after this procedure and we recommend you do not wash your hair or use any harsh chemicals on your scalp for 24 hours after treatment. You may experience some redness, tightness of the scalp, and slight swelling from injections for a day or so. Prices may vary based on consultation and size of treatment area. Results vary from person to person but most see noticeable results within 8 weeks following treatment. It may take up to 12 months for full improvement. To maintain optimal results, we recommend 1 treatment per year to maintain the health of the follicle.

PRP Facelift

PRP facelift is a noninvasive nonsurgical cosmetic procedure in which platelet rich plasma (PRP) and hyaluronic acid filler are used to contour the face and help with volume loss. This is a proven technique that contours the face, and brightens the skin and results in the skin looking less wrinkled, firmer, and more elastic. The procedure requires only topical anesthesia and may take up to 90 minutes. There is minimal downtime and side effects may include burning, itching, bruising, or swelling.

Partial results are seen immediately and more results begin to appear two weeks after treatment. Improvements continue to increase 3 months following treatment.

90 minutes




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