These anti-wrinkle injections can enhance your beauty and give you a refreshed, rejuvenated appearance and is Renovera’s most requested service. Commonly treated areas include frown lines, crows feet, and forehead.

Pricing Varies


Laugh Lines Filler

Filler is used to soften the nasolabial or laugh line folds. Often, our cheek filler is needed to help lift and take weight off the lower part of the face and laugh lines. Results are instant, and we typically start with 1 syringe.

45 minutes

Starting at $550


Cheek Filler & Contour

This filler treatment lifts and volumizes the mid face. This procedure slims the face and reduces the appearance of laugh lines and gives the face an overall lift. Results are instant and may last up to 2 years. $750 price includes using 1 syringe.

30 minutes

Starting at $750


Lip Plump

A lip augmentation is ideal for anyone who wants to enhance their natural lip size and shape. Doctor will consult with you and will advise which filler and amount is most appropriate for you depending on your goals. Lip filler results are instant, and can last up to 6-12 months. You can also add a PDO thread around the lip border for an extra plump for only $150.

45 minutes

Mini lip plump $450

Full lip plump $650-700


Gummy Smile Treatment

Neurotoxins are used to relax the muscles that cause the upper lip to excessively lift which gives the appearance of a gummy smile. This treatment reduces the elevation of the lip and reduces the amount of gum that shows while smiling.

20 minutes

Starting at $125


Botox for Chin Dimpling

Get rid of chin dimpling by relaxing the orange peel look over the chin.

10 minutes

Starting at $125


Botox Brow Lift

This service will give a nice brow lift to the eyebrows and give the appearance of the eyes appearing less heavy and more open. This effect will last 3 months. Results seen in as little as 3 days with full effect in 10 days.

15 minutes

Starting at $125


Face Slimming

Neurotoxins are used to relax the masseter muscle resulting in facial slimming and jaw clenching. Price ranges from $250-$300 based on how much is needed.

20 minutes

Starting at $250


PDO Smooth Threads

These PDO smooth thread treatments are ideal for men and women who are experiencing mild to moderate sagging of the face, jowls, and neck, and crepey skin, and want an effective nonsurgical treatment to lift and smooth the face and neck. Areas that can be treated are: Glabella frown lines, forehead, neck and double chin, smoker lines, acne scars, eyebrow lift, smile lines, and lip border for extra lip pop. This PDO suture thread dissolves in approximately 6 months during which the body produces collagen and renewed vascularization and renews the skin texture and glow. It is often used in conjunction with Botox, and hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. We recommend monthly treatments until your desired outcome is achieved. Typically it takes about 4-5 treatments.

Small areas starting at $250

Large areas starting at $400




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